Mercedes Juarez is not just a reader and its not just a reading it is a mind span into a physical realm where the core of one’s spirit meets with their soul that which allows the advancement as well as the growth of their physical realm
    As this individual notices  that their mental plain has spanned as reaching them into a physical realm now the individual  spirit needs aide or assistance  as to allowing the physical occurrence to begin in the light  as well as maintaining their light . Once the individual is living in the light their spirit requires daily knowledge as their mind span is gone now turned into what is called time. As this time is devoted to the space ,mass or energy of which the individual time circumferences that which then allows the sun the light within to receive as a daily living organism thus placing the individual in a time that is safe for them as to not interfering in others time as well as not being victimized. However the mental itself which is now light must also be read into the individuals mind as not to control, however to come into agreement with as to what the individual needs as well as wants are and as to receiving in a physical that is not confusing neither transforming but allowing those who have renewed souls in to their spiritual alignment
    Readingsbymercedes is not just for the Spiritually Inclined, Mercedes is a  Spiritual Reader Spiritual Advisor and Spiritual Consultant, Maker of Spiritual Baths and Products a Columnist & Life Coach!